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Empowered Female Coaches of Basketball

Project “Empowered Female Coaches of Basketball” is implemented by Barcel’hona Sports Events from Spain in partnership with Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018) from Serbia KOM 018 , Associacao Desportiva Cultural e Social de Carvalhais from Portugal, Young Lions Gdansk Sports Academy from Poland and A.S.D. DKB from Italy in the period 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2023.

General goal: To foster transnational cooperation the field of basketball to increase the female coaches in Europe. Objectives of the project are:

- To develop new methodology for the education of basketball female coaches 
- To provide young athletes, students, amateurs and recreational players with skills and competences of basketball coaches at the amateur and professional basketball competitions. 
- To form Alliance of female basketball coaches

Project provides set of skills for female coaches in the basketball, especially focusing on young players offering them an alternative after finishing their career in the basketball and to avoid the abandonment of the sport of basketball players in the adolescent age, facilitating the transition from players to basketball coaches. Project financed by the European Union through Erasmus + Sport.

Training Module Empowered Female Coaches of Basketball

(Download the Manual by clicking here)

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